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TSM GT-R E-Tune Calibration

FlexFuel or Second Fuel?
Cobb or EcuTek?


With this new program it doesn't matter if your 15 minutes from us in Atlanta, on the other side of the country, or even the world...you can still have the benefits of a professionally calibrated GT-R by TSM.

Whether you want to leave your car mechanically stock, need an extremely specific map for road racing, or want to build an all out ultimate drag car, TSM has the experience and the package for you!

Our GT-R E-Tune program is not only meant to bring you the absolute best tune possible for your car, but also to provide you with unparalleled customer service. Many times when tuning remotely there is a point where a tuner could say “Its good enough” however that's just not good enough for us! Our philosophy is that its not right until its PERFECT! 

Our E-Tune Maps come with unlimited revisions on whatever setup you purchase the map for.

**If you don’t see something that suits your specific goals please feel free to contact us directly for custom packages.**



-TSM E-Tune Calibration
-Unlimited Calibration Revisions
-Phone & Email Support
-Second fuel or flex fuel option