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TSM Custom CNC Ported Head Upgrade for R35 GT-R

After literally a decade of ongoing development I am extremely proud to be able to announce the release of our CNC head program to the GT-R community!

For years I’ve received questions about CNC heads and why we don’t have them. I feel the term “CNC” gets thrown around all too often in the context that just because it is a computer aided ported that means it is better. That is absolutely not the case. All CNC heads obviously have to start somewhere and it is just as easy for the foundation of the computer program to be based on complete crap as it is for it to actually be well designed. In my opinion, cylinder head porting is somewhat of a lost art. A lot of shops just go in, make the port bigger or smoother which is most certainly not always best, and in fact more often than not it actually can have negative effects.

Now I most certainly am not claiming to be some fluid dynamics expert. I know enough to recognize right from wrong but not enough to be the brains behind the actual design. However, through all the years what I have been able to do is provide valuable feedback to people much smarter than me over a very fast array of different power levels. All the while changing, tweaking, and updating a design that continued to evolve in efficiency.
Recently it hit me that I am so happy and proud of our headwork that it was time to reverse engineer our hand port into a CAD program so that we could digitize it and offer it to the masses.

While sometimes I don’t like flow bench numbers because I think they are easier to manipulate than Mustang Dyno, I did want to provide you guys with that data. We did lots of back to back flow testing in the final development phases and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Lots of people only look at peak flow when really it’s such a small percentage of the actual air the engine is using that it really doesn’t give a clear picture. I strongly feel that our design is the most well rounded option available today! But as usual… I’m a bit biased. ;)


*Tests were flowed @ 28” H20*

.050: 45
.100: 95
.150: 146
.200: 195
.300: 250
.400: 282
.500: 303

.050: 31
.100: 79
.150: 120
.200: 152
.300: 200
.400: 231
.500: 243

You can simply send in your heads to us for us to CNC and send back to you. We do not require head assembly if you do not want it!