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TSM 12 Injector Billet Intake Manifold for R35 Nissan GT-R


 Introducing the TSM 12 Injector Billet Intake Manifold 

The best flowing GT-R manifold on the market; a true work of art functions better than it looks.


Our first objective for this product was to ensure that everything was in complete balance for the engines sake. While we wanted to increase flow over the rest of the market share this was not our primary objective. After years of taking these cars apart and tuning them in house we have seen the variations in things like EGTs, air to fuel ratios per cylinder, and fueling patterns. This manifold’s primary goal was to unify the engine’s power making components and to eliminate variables that will cause issues as we continue to push the platform. 

Essentially we designed all the features of this product inside out. We (mostly Wilson LOL) formed the plenums, runners, and fuel spray angles all for maximized efficiency based all on Wilson’s prior knowledge. Then they started working on how to make everything fit, function, and fasten together practically. We designed the entire manifold around the massive runner sections, designed the angles at which the injectors would spray, then figured out how to make the 3rd fuel rail work with design of the injector ports, and then had to come up with a solution on how to bolt everything together. We took zero easy roads when it came time to maximize consistency and performance! 

So what does all of that mean in the end? It means bringing a new option to the market for people who want the maximum effort put towards the longevity and future of the R35 industry. 


Below are some key features that we’re most proud of: 

  • + or - LESS than 2% distribution of airflow between all 6 cylinders.
We tested flow characteristics not just through a head but out of the bottom of the valves on a perfectly CNCed head at a variety of pressure ratios and refined them to be within less than 2% of one another at any given boost pressure. You may not have much to compare this to, however we went through great length to accomplish this single feat.This means more consistent tunability and less likelihood of lean/rich conditions causing loss of power or detonation.
  • Injector positioning and angle optimized for fuel atomization into the cylinder

This point is a big deal. The injector placement and firing angles on all other 12 injector manifold on the market favor the lower plenum wall vs the cylinder itself. To the extent that if after running your car for a while you pull your manifold you will find trails of witness marks showing where the fuel has hit the lower plenum, collected and then run into the cylinder as almost a stream instead of a spray. This unfortunately causes inconsistent fueling, hot spots, loss power, and ultimately an environment for detonation.

  • O-ring technology inlaid throughout the manifold.

This means deleting the need for any gaskets or replacements ever. Our manifold includes extra o-rings in case of damage or loss, but you can remove and replace the manifold for injector cleaning, spark plug replacement, engine testing, and never have to worry about ordering gaskets.

  • Dowel design to ensure no chafing or boost leaks occur from the upper to lower manifold
  • 7-10% increased CFM through the same head package compared to competitors
  • The only manifold tested that didn’t decrease flow through the valve port
  • Just like in Wilson's Nascar manifolds this design was optimized for larger head ports and or added displacement. It was not designed around the factory head technology or specific engine displacement.
  • Manifold runner design not independently but rather a continuation of the cylinder head in which it must work with to provide even, increased flow.
  • Port line of sight is preserved as much as possible for a crossover port - as compared to stock manifold and other aftermarket
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum construction, 5-axis CNC precision machined
  • 316 stainless steel hardware
  • Splayed bolt pattern assembly for maximum strength and alignment
  • All access to fasteners during assembly thought out to be easy and straightforward
  • Intricate fuel rail design for increased flow and even distribution with optimally angled injectors*
  • -4 ORB bosses configurable to customers specifications or with standard packaging
  • 14mm Motec IAT acceptance with no modification
  • -12 crossover tube included with low profile fittings and black nylon lines
  • 75mm throttle body opening with o-ring seal no gasket needed
  • Optional adapter plates for factory throttle bodies
  • Standard anodized clear finish with optional color choices

After two years dedication, countless time, and money invested we could not be more proud of what we have created. The performance, design, quality, and unparalleled beauty under the hood is something we're honored to call a TopSpeed Motorsports product!


The below dyno test was done by swapping only intake manifolds throughout the course of a day while the car remained strapped to the dyno. We never even unstrapped the car. ZERO tuning adjustments were made between samples. We tested the best known intake manifolds on the market on a 67mm car making about 40psi of boost back to back to back. We then took the highest of those and compared it to our manifold toward the end of the day. I honestly could not be more proud of the results. Not only does our new product allow the ability for safer more precise tuning and increased safety, it also makes power!