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ShepTrans R35 GT-R Stage 6 Transmission Rebuild

Vehicle Year

When it comes to anything involving your transmission in the GT-R world, ShepTrans is the answer.  Considered to be one of the worlds foremost experts on the GR6 transmission, John Shepherd has developed a transmission rebuild program that is second to none.  Whether you're looking for a simple rebuild of your stock unit or wanting to make 2000 whp, ShepTrans is your answer for putting that power to the ground.  

Stage 6

  • Dodson Extreme gearset
  • Dodson Pro Max clutch/Alloy version ( 13/13 )
  • ShepTrans 1-R Fork
  • Dodson 2-4 Fork
  • Dodson 6th Fork
  • Dodson gear selector shaft 2nd 4th 6th
  • Dodson Front output shaft and gear
  • Dodson Billet Mid Plate
  • ShepTrans Billet Front thrust plate
  • Dodson Rear Billet Reduction Gear Set
  • Dodson Synchro set 1-6+R
  • Dodson Heavy Duty clutch return spring retaining clips
  • Dodson Piston shaft seals
  • Dodson Selector Piston Shims x 4
  • Dodson O-ring and seal upgrade kit
  • Dodson Oil pump shaft upgrade with blueprint
  • Dodson Reusable transmission filter
  • 6 neodymium magnets
  • Dodson High temp rear differential oil seal
  • ShepTrans FWD ball retainer
  • ShepTrans FWD clutch Fluid
  • ShepTrans 10 plate ETS
  • OEM Fwd output seal
  • Oem Nissan transmission pan gasket
  • Transmission and Rear differential Fill plug gasket (2)
  • Rear differential drain plug washer x1
  • Oem Nissan Rear differential side seals
  • GTT1R Race Billet rear diff side cover
  • GT1R Rear diff brace
  • ShepTrans/Wavetrac Rear LSD
  • Arp Rear diff bolt upgrade
  • Dodson Surge/Baffle kit
  • Sealer/Loctite
  • Motul 75/140 FF
  • Dodson Drag Sump kit

        Year Specific Required Upgrades

        • $885 (3) Dodson Gear Selector Ring Upgrade ( 2009-11)

              *Pricing assumes customer providing their core transmission in working condition; additional parts may be needed based on inspection of provided core.