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TSM Projects & Builds

TopSpeed Motorsports was founded in 2002 and has strived to be at the head of the industry ever since.

Over the last 15 years, we have grown into a full service performance facility. The heart of the company is centered around the performance enthusiast being able to enjoy not only their car but also the build process, friendships, comradery as well as unparalleled performance and reliability. TopSpeed Motorsports specialize in Nissan GT-R and Porsche performance with high level knowledge in both drag racing and circuit track racing. Our facility includes a DynoJet AWD chassis dyno as well as full fabrication tools and welding equipment for one off applications and production prototyping. We have all the specialty tools and electronics needed to set us up to win while upgrading your car.

At TopSpeed, we are master tuners for both Cobb and ECUTEK for the GT-R guys as well as also a platinum dealer for Motec with install and tuning certification. We offer both dyno and street tuning for Porsche and GT-R as well as track side tuning for some of the fastest GT-Rs in the world. We are also very versed in most standalone applications such as AEM, Haltec, Syvecs, UpRev ext.

When dealing with us or choosing your shop, know that the goal here at TopSpeed is for the betterment and longevity of the performance industry. From our president Nathanael Cicio down to the shop helper it is ingrained in us that the car enthusiast being taken care of honestly and with the utmost attention to detail is something we will never compromise. It is how we will continue to play our part in shaping this great industry. That is the heart, and will remain the central focus of TopSpeed Motorsports.

Record Setting Alpha 16 GT-R

A Turbo System Proven By World Record Setting Results!

The Alpha Series Turbo System has powered us to every record for the Nissan GT-R platform. From quarter mile to standing mile to top speed, it has been behind every World Record we have broken and still hold today including Alpha Omega's latest accomplishment of being the first 7 second R35 GT-R.

  • Winner (world record):
    FL2K15 Street Car Shootout
    7.86 sec at 176 mph
  • Winner (world record):
    2015 Buschur Shootout
    7.99 sec at 174 mph

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Unabomber 2.0: TSM 4.4 Alpha 16

This long-time High HP GT-R owner loves to go faster.

Unabomber (Brian) is one of the most enthusiastic long standing GT-R owners/modifiers in the industry. Originally the first round of modifications for Brian were all road race centered and had nothing to do with all out power. In fact, we actually delivered the car the very first time to him at Virginia International Raceway for an event!

  • Fastest GT-R at WannaGOFAST in Ocala, FL January 2016
    213 mph half mile!
  • GT-R Life Feature
    Rob Tuned, Fast Forward Race Engines, AMS Performance...

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TX2K14 Build | "The Redemption"

TopSpeed pride runs deep with this TX2K14 GT-R

This customer came to us somewhat distraught with issues that had really taken the wind out of his sails when it came to modding and the aftermarket car game in general. It was my dedicated goal to do whatever I needed to do to change that and help him start enjoying building a car again. I believe that we achieved that goal and delivered a truly exceptional product.

  • TSM 4.0L | ETS 3794 | over 1500 @42ish PSI
  • Full torque limiting, rolling antilag and launch control sequence

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Bforged's 2015 GTR ELITE Turbo

Build at Top Speed Motorsports tuned by Taylor

The "GOAL" of this build is to maintain a stock like spool street driven car while achieving 1000whp and a 8.999 time slip reliably on E85. The car went to TSM with the following mods and ran a best 1/4 mile at 10.821 and 129mph.

  • TSM 3.8 short block with TSM spec
  • TSM ELITE turbo set (oem manifold design)
  • TSM dual fuel pump setup

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TopSpeed Build: Front Facing Billet Block

Andres is a local guy that is a true enthusiast!

We started working with this customer a couple years ago when he first started building his 13 GT-R. Initially it was a 4.1, ETS3794 car that he primarily built himself. I have never seen someone stay so excited and passionate about car stuff and car people in my life. It is a true refreshment to have him around and a part of the TSM crew.

  • Forward facing one off turbo kit while retaining AC & power steering
  • TSM Spec custom 7270 Precision turbos with v-band housings

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