About TopSpeed Motorsports

Unparalled Performance, Knowledge and Reliability for the Performance Enthusiast, the Drag Strip & the Track.

The heart of the company is centered around the performance enthusiast being able to enjoy not only their car but also the build process, friendships and comradery found around the shop and at the track. We specialize in Nissan GT-R and Porsche performance with high level knowledge in both drag racing and circuit track racing. At TopSpeed, we are master tuners for both Cobb and ECUTEK for the GT-R guys as well as also a platinum dealer for Motec with install and tuning certification. We offer both dyno and street tuning for Porsche and GT-R as well as track side tuning for some of the fastest GT-Rs in the world.

Where to Find Us Online

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TSM Shop Car
7.370 @ 198mph

Alex Christmas
7.47 @ 194mph

Brian Spachman
7.648 @ 184.09mph

The 7 Second Club: Elite Cars, Elite Drivers, Elite Team.

8 second club

Erik Davenport
8.141sec @ 170.19mph

Steve Cook
8.245 @ 166.66mph

JD Cicio
8.274sec @ 164.44mph

Jan Buhler
8.301sec @ 170.39mph

Chris Hayle
8.323sec @ 169.33mph

Pascal Legault
8.325sec @ 169.64mph

Jeff Bucktaw
8.34sec @ 172.45mph

Coy Christmas
8.602sec @ 162.2mph

The 8 Second Club: Elite Cars, Elite Drivers, Elite Team.

8 second club

Alex Christmas

Brian Spachman

Javid Khan

JD Cicio

Bryan Yaninek

John Beystehner

Tommy Harris
204 mph

Steve Cook

Mike Jones

Jeff Thompson (991 Turbo S)

Pascal Legault

Chris Hayle

Jan Buhler

Bryan Achee
200.89 mph

The 200+ MPH Club: Fast Cars, Fast Drivers, Great Team.