GTR Life: Unabomber2.0 - TSM 4.4 Alpha16

There are more cars than I would like to admit that my team works hard building and I simply don't have the time to publish details and build threads about.  This car and customer are perfect examples of that.  The core group of long standing high HP GT-R owners or the individuals that attend all of the events know this man well!   Unabomber (Brian) is one of the most enthusiastic long standing GT-R owners/modifiers in the industry.  His car has been through several stages of builds, each time getting better and better!  It may come as a surprise to most people that originally the first round of modifications for Brian were all road race centered and had nothing to do with all out power.   In fact, we actually delivered the car the very first time to him at Virginia International Raceway for an event!

Since then the car has progressed through builds from our original ProEight turbos, to Alpha10, then to Alpha12!   With the different turbo options came upgraded engines to compliment the build and keep well rounded power for street and track.  The ProEight was coupled with our TSM SS1-3.8, then we graduated into a 4.0 for the Alpha10/30R size turbos, and finally to the big boy TSM 4.4 to match the maxed out Alpha12 package. His Alpha12 had custom built components such as 3.5inch downpipes and intakes, as well as custom externally routed wastegates to max out the efficiency of the 35R frame turbos.   This setup was run and run and run!

Have I mentioned that Brian is also the hardest individual on a car I have ever known in my life?   Every event the car is run at the event, put on street tires, run all night long, then back to the event the next morning.  I just prepared myself if Brian was going to an event with us that I would get texts about him out playing on the streets at all hours of the night. then usually his crazy ass would beat us to the track in the morning!

In fact thinking back right now I can't remember an event over the years that I have been to without him!  He has literally attended every major event with us for years. And for those of you who know us, know that we do TONS of events!

Now that I have kinda laid the ground work for those of you who don't know Brian or the history behind his car I will dive into the unfortunately fortunate details of his current build.

Early summer this year Brian was at an event in the North Georgia mountains enjoying some driving with a few of our mutual friends when disaster struck.  Coming out of a corner the 1200hp car stepped out just a little too far and after a couple of corrections dropped a tire off the pavement... well as any of you know, in the mountains... once you drop a tire you are going for a ride.  Just so happens that the ride Brian went on was a pretty wild one.  Down a 50+ foot bank the car went, end over end landing upside down at the bottom of what was pretty much a baby cliff!

You can all take a breath and wipe at least one tear from your eye because Brian walked away without a scratch!  Thankfully his car was equipped with a TSM weld-in roll bar/cage that quite literally saved his life!  The car crumpled around the cage and therefor around him without touching him. Now, any tears shed for the car you can just let fall off your cheeks because the poor girl that we all put blood sweat and tears into was in fact dead.  The fall had not only smashed every single panel on the car and broken every piece of glass in it but had also bent both subframes!

At that point there was really only one decision Brian was struggling with... should I go bigger on my next GT-R build???  I told you the man was crazy right?  Even a flip down a mountain couldn't rip even one ounce of his enthusiastic spirit and not even hours after we were already talking about how to build the next one.  

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Official Mod List

-TSM 4.4 Max Short Block -TSM Head Package (max effort) -GSC Cams -Ferrea Valves -GSC Springs/Retainers -Max HP Porting -AMS Alpha16 Turbo Kit -TSM Custom 3.5" Downpipes -TSM Custom 4" Intakes -TSM Custom 3.5-4" Y-Pipe -Boost Logic Titanium Exhaust System -Boost Logic Intake Manifold -TSM High HP Catch Can System -TSM Custom IC Piping -AMS Alpha Race Intercooler -Fore Innovations Fuel System (Triple Pump) -ShepTrans Sage5 + Dodson Gears -CCW Wheels -KW Suspension -SPL Suspension Arms -T1 Trans Brace -TSM Carbon Ceramic Brake System -T1 Carbon Drag Wing/Trunk -ID1300/1700 -Motec M1 ECU -Recaro Sporster CS -Mines Wheel -TSM WELD IN ROLL BAR

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