TX2K14 Build | "The Redemption"


It is with great pride that I announce this next build for TX2K14. This customer came to us somewhat distraught with issues that had really taken the wind out of his sails when it came to modding and the aftermarket car game in general. It was my dedicated goal to do whatever I needed to do to change that and help him start enjoying building a car again.  I believe that we achieved that goal and delivered a truly exceptional product.

As some of you know this car has been done and running for quite some time.  I never did an official release about it just because I know we weren't done playing.  The car went to the drag strip for some testing but we never had the chance to turn it up due to the OS Giken rear diff breaking on the first real pass.  If my memory serves me correctly the best time we got on low boost was an 8.82 @ 169. Since then the customer took delivery of the car and drove it for a couple months then sent it back up here for the TX2K14 setup to be installed. 

As I explain in the video below this is one of our iron sleeved, custom compression race engines.  We have put tons and tons of development into our engine program in the last year which is something I have actually become very passionate about.  This engine has our proprietary billet Diamond pistons as well as our in house developed block strengthening.   The heads have Kelford components and are hand ported to TSM Race specs.   The turbo system is an ETS 3794 kit which we modified to help it make some more power when really leaning on it.  

So originally the car had the standard ETS kit with three inch components and the car was making good power.  1375WHP @ 38-39PSI which at the time we were happy with. On this last round of upgrades we wanted to really max out what the 3794 turbos could do so we removed the 3" components and designed a 3.5" setup with externally dumped wastegate  routing as well as a 3.5" primary to 4" Y-Pipe.   Just to go the extra mile we also put a slide style 3" cutout in the rear section of the y-pipe to get rid of any of that pesky back pressure..... plus it sounds really cool when it's open.

The exciting part is that with this car we were able to actually perform some somewhat back to back testing on this particular car since it was originally setup with the standard components.  So as I said before we were making 1375WHP before the custom setup.  After putting it back on the dyno at very similar boost levels we were well over 1450whp and were able to pull over 1500 @42ish PSI.   So giving those big turbos a little more room to breath certainly resulted in a happier car overall and extracted a considerable amount more power.

We also installed a Motec M1 ECU in order to control this bad boy.  We are really liking the new Motec unit and have tuned several of them so far.  The functionality and ability to control the power going to the ground is just awesome!   It is set up with full torque limiting, rolling antilag as well as a launch control sequence that is simply bad ass!  Should be good fun watching this car run next week! 

We haven't really had a chance to run the car much on the street due to the weather here lately but in some testing Saturday we ran a 3.18 60-130 @37PSI and a pretty conservative tune otherwise.   There if for sure more to be had with the wick turned up!

So here are some pictures and a short video explaining the build that I hope you guys enjoy!  Feel free to ask any questions you want.   If you are in Texas for this years 2k please swing by the TSM camp and check out this and our other cars.

Also keep your eye out the rest of this week because this certainly isn't all I have up my sleeve. 

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