TSM Goes OVER 200mph 40+ times @ NC WannaGoFAST

I don’t even know where to start on how much of a high I'm still on from the NC WannaGoFast.  The weekend literally could not have gone any better for us and our customers.  This fresh venue for a WGF event was, for sure, highly anticipated both by us and several of our clients.  The facility looked amazing, as did the surface, and both of them were even better than we imagined.  I won’t go on and on about that part of things, but I will say, if you get a chance to come to this event in the future, DO IT!  The times were fast, the runway was awesome, safety and runoff were among the better there have been… all in all simply top notch and we'll be back every time Blake and WGF are there!


We had a good amount of customers join us for racing and TSM support for the weekend....in total, 11 cars we were running/supporting: 5 ELITE Plus cars, 2 ETS Kit GTX35r cars, one FBO, 2 Stock engine Alpha9s, and then Spachman’s monster with the ETS Pro1900 kit and Willall Racing billet block.  Two of the cars were being delivered at the track for the customer' s first time driving them.  One customer, Mike (from right there in NC just 35 minutes from the track), and another, Pascal, from distant Ontario that drove down to pick up his car.  The other ELITE Plus cars consisted of Steve Cook (who was at the Ocala event picking up his ELITE Plus build and had also joined us for TX2K), my brother JD’s, and Chris Hayle who was coming to his first half mile event but was at TX2K with us as well. 


Okay, on to the weekend… Saturday we opened with Pascal in his completely fresh ELITE Plus build. He was the first one to get in line even though he had driven all the way down from Canada the day before with his truck and trailer!  This was one very, very excited customer!  We had never met, as he sent his car down via transport, but he wanted to join the TopSpeed crew for the trackside experience before taking her home.  Keep in mind that he had never driven the car or any car at this level before.  I had a driver's meeting with the new guys before we started the day and just gave them some tips on driving style in the half,  although Taylor and I have really set these cars up to ride out pretty smooth.  He does an amazing job with combination of boost by gear and traction control so, as long as the driver holds their foot to the floor, it’s pretty much a ringer that the run is going to be a good one. So, I was just finishing setting up, and honestly, didn’t even know that Pascal was running until I heard the car shift third… so I ran across the grass to where I could see the speed signs…. 201mph!!!!! First pass ever!  I will admit we have those cars pretty dialed in so it isn’t like that was on “low boost” or anything, but still, first pass in the car, first event… just awesome!


Pascal’s run honestly set the tone for the weekend!  I ran back to the camp yelling that he went 201 out the gate!  The hours to follow simply filled the 200mph bucket in the TSM camp!  Every single ELITE car dipped into the 200s either the first or second pass… one after the other after the other.  I can’t even gather the words to explain the energy and excitement in the TopSpeed pits as the morning rolled on.  Customers that had never driven their builds rolling through the traps at 201-202, customers that have been driving their cars for months showing up and busting off 202 passes the first run… it was seriously epic the joy coming from our awesome customers!  Mike was the other customer there from NC that had never driven his car.  His first pass was a 197 off the trailer.  He came back in with a huge smile, telling us he was so excited he accidentally shifted the 3-4 at a much earlier rpm than we have the car set up to auto shift, so it bogged out of boost a little.  Given that info we didn’t even change the map, sent him right back out and around he comes with a 202 pass!  Killer!!!  Hugs, congratulations and high fives were running rampant in the TSM pits… it was indescribably awesome!


I mentioned we had two 35R cars there as well.  Both these cars that came to join us were stock block, stock crank 3.8s with ETS kits on them.  We had tuned and supported each of them before.  Each of those cars came down on the map they daily on in full street trim and went 200+ consistently.  Our customer from Ohio went 202,204,206, 205, 203 back to back to back… then drove home, lol!  Absolutely crazy! 


My brother JD’s car was also another stunner.  He a lot of times leaves that car at TopSpeed for the winter months since he lives in update NY.  So we actually pulled his trailer up for him so he could take the car back home and enjoy it for the summer back home.  My goal for his car was to one up the stock frame half mile record that we currently already owned.  My customer John had set the record with a 205 in Ocala but I wanted to go faster!  (Sorry John) JD has run lots of half mile passes and my parents were also at the track so he just wanted to do a couple passes a day.  The first pull Saturday he ran 198mph… after Taylor reviewed the log he realized that the CBA timing strategy had bit us and pulled about 5 degrees in the upper gears.  One little change is all we would need to fix that right up!  Next pass out the car was coming strong!  Sounded SO freaking good!  Boom (good boom) 206MPH!!!!!!!!    GT-R Stock frame half mile record RESET!!!  TSM ELITE Plus takes it back from… ummm… well… TSM ELITE Plus LMAO!!!     We ran the car again Sunday but the air was thick… all the cars were down from Saturday honestly across the board.  One 203mph pass is all he needed to get his speed fix so we parked her for display for the rest of the day then loaded it in the trailer to send her to NY! 


Last but not least… Spachman’s TSM Built, ETS Powered, Motec Controlled work of art!    His car gave us a few baby fits…but we whipped her into shape by the end of the weekend.  Unfortunately he himself wasn’t able to make it to the race so I was driving his car.  Saturday I was running like a headless chicken so I only got a chance to run 3 times.   The first two passes we fought some intercooler piping issues which, to be honest, was super annoying.  Just to give you some back story, when we built the car a couple months ago we didn’t have any stainless weld on clamps to be able to do wigeons style clamps like we normally would.  Without much other option we just decided to coupler the lowers instead of solid clamp them like we do given the time crunch.  Well, that was a mistake.   Third pass on Saturday we got the IC pipes to hold for a full pass on 46psi which yielded a 215mph slip!  I was satisfied with that for the day so we parked her.


Sunday we turned the boost up to 50psi and through the day attempted a couple runs.   Honestly, I was doing my best working with customers first, then running Brian’s car when I had time.  Given that Brian wasn’t there, my customers having a good time was priority over that car going fast.   However at 50 pounds the 5-6 shift wouldn’t hold the stupid lower charge pipe.  I honestly feel like an amateur even typing this, but hey… it’s what happened and we will learn from it.  After 2 passes we ironed out a solution that was going to work.  I debated turning it up before the final run but decided not to. It was late in the day, most of the customers were gone and the team was tired.  The goal was simply a higher run for Sunday than Saturday, then it was time to load up!  Well, that pass was 218mph!   The car spun hard through 3rd well into 4th gear... it was down 3 mph in the quarter traps, but up 3mph in the half!   Stick a fork in her I said… load ol' girl up and let's go home!   We had more left on the table with power but the owner wasn’t there, my team was exhausted and we had a 5 hour drive home!  So on the trailer she went.


As a little side note, even tho this isn’t a GT-R.  My lead tech Justin who builds a lot of our Motec cars just finished his closed deck Subaru build on his 08 STI wagon.  He was so exited to run it in his first half mile event.  Justin lived in Charlotte and some of his family still does so they came out to watch as well.  Without going into a long drawn out story he ran the car two passes on Sunday… he was simply too busy Saturday with our customer cars to drive.  So Sunday he ran his first pass on shakedown boost of 40psi and went 177mph!  Keep in mind the Subaru world record is 181! Second pass, 44psi… 182mph!!!!  Now that was pretty cool!  His family was there watching, he had busted his butt all weekend making sure customers were getting to run, then just busts off a world record and goes back to work lol!  We are all super excited for him!


All in all it was a weekend to remember!! From all the numbers I can count from our customers, we went 200+ mph over 40 times in two days without issue.   That is something I’m not only proud of, I am ecstatic for the customers!  There is nothing better for a client than spending money on your car with a shop that produces results!  Not just my shop, but others too…. when the rubber meets the road, results make for happy enthusiasts and happy enthusiasts is what will ultimately grow our great industry! 


I absolutely have to thank from the bottom of my heart my incredible staff!!!   I have a group of men and woman that work for me that have unparalleled commitment to our customers and their user experience.  They work without rest to make sure every single one of our clients has the best chance possible to enjoy their car to the fullest.  This mentality of service is infused down through the ranks of our company, which, at the end of the day, is truly what I feel separates us from the rest.  These guys give everything they have to serve our community of customers… for me, it’s simply amazing to be a part of.  


Here are a few pictures.  I did not have a photographer at this event so I’m just gathering whatever pictures customers took on their phones.   I will be throwing together a little video in the next couple days that I'll post in here as well.


Thanks for reading!!!


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