TSM ELITE Plus Delivered to ChiTown

We finished this car up right before Texas2K 17 and delivered it to the customer at TX2K for him to run and then take home.  This car came to us from him in Chicago with current mods including a built engine and trans already.  We just went through the car and did a little “update” if you will.  
We installed a fuel system, intercooler, exhaust… then fixed a few things that both us and the customer felt needed to be addressed.  Once all the support mods were taken care of our ELITE Plus turbo system was added to provide some much needed boosties
This one got a record for us…. highest HP PUMP gas ELITE Plus we have done yet which we are super excited about.
Another happy ELITE Client in the books! 
-ELITE Plus Turbos
-Built 3.8 Engine / Heads
-Shep 1k Trans
-ETS 3.5-4” Full Exhaust 
-Fore Innovations Triple
-Injector Dynamics ID1700s
-Cobb Tuning Accessport
-ECUTEK Trans Mapping




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