TSM ELITE Plus… Delivered, Driven To TX2K, Raced, Driven to Home

I just wanted to post a little thread about our customer Chris from FL that just took delivery of his ELITE Plus full build.  Chris is from St. Petersburg FL and commissioned us to build his car in January with the goal of making TX2K.  We finished up the car the Monday before TX and had it ready for him.  


I had asked Chris if he wanted the car to go on the truck and trailer to be taken to the event… his reply “why would I do that when I could drive it?”  I didn’t have a good response for that except hell yeah go for it!  He hung out at the shop Monday with us as we got ready for TX then headed out Tuesday morning.  He made the 12 hour drive to Houston finding as much E85 as he could.   His car made 980hp on 93 pump gas and 1290 on E85.  


Once in Texas he did the night and day experience there… all of you who have been know what I mean.  He roll raced both days Thursday and Friday, went out every night, test and tuned Friday night, drag race all day Saturday Sunday.    The car consistently ran high 170s in the roll and mid 8s in the quarter for 4 days straight!  Chris was literally in the lanes every chance they gave him.. I don’t know how many passes he put on the car but it was a lot! 

All said and done… he jumped in the car Monday morning and drove it home to FL!  

I know it isn’t some crazy 2000+ HP build but I love knowing that our customers can confidently enjoy a close to 1300hp street car with this kind of dead nuts reliability.   I will admit that in the rush before TX we did forget to recharge the AC before he left… so he had a days worth of windows down before we got there to take care of it… I am somewhat embarrassed about that.   Otherwise I just love stories like this. 


Here are a few pictures of his car at the event


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