TSM ELITE Build "Inner Strength" Headed Home!

This black beauty came to us from just over 1000 miles away in Connecticut.  We were honored when the customer drove all the way down here, slept in the car at TopSpeed in the parking lot to drop his pride and joy off for his TSM ELITE build to begin.  

The car showed up with a few initial mods but not many of them suited for making over 1100hp that most ELITE cars do with the correct supporting mods.   We did inventory a list of what he had already however and used all we could.  Some of the remainder of the parts I was able to trade in and sell off for him and others that we just had no interest in we will store until he sells them then ship them for him.  That is a service I offer to a lot of our customers if they are super awesome like Tim :) 

The TSM ELITE Turbo System couples absolutely perfectly to a well built 3.8.  The hotside of the turbo and the turbine wheel are designed to spool quickly while still flowing up top as much as possible.  The combination of a proper head design with stock displacement really makes the ELITES shine.   Tim opted to go with our custom compression TSM Street Series Engine and our Street head package with custom grind GSC Cams, GSC Springs and GSC Valves.    The value train allows us to spin the engine to 8500RPM. 

Anyway I won’t go on and on I just wanted to introduce the newest member of the TSM ELITE Family! 

-TSM Street 3.8 Engine
-Callies Rods
-Diamond Pistons
-Over balanced
-Coated Bearings
-Oiling Modifications
-TSM Street Head Package
-Pocket Port
-GSC Vavles w/ Valve Job
-GSC Springs
-GSC Cams
-TSM ELITE Turbo System
-ETS Race Intercooler w/ Piping
-ETS 4” Exhaust System
-ID1700cc Injectors
-Walbro 485 Fuel Pumps
-TSM Hard Wire Kit
-ShepTrans ONE-K w/ Drop Gears
-Fore Innovations Fuel Rail Kit
-Cobb Accessport

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