The All NEW ETS Pro1700 Turbo Kit

The Pro1700 has arrived!!!


Here at TopSpeed we have been silently testing several different turbo combinations and setups for our friends at ETS over the course of the last few months.  We have done a lot of same car back to back testing on several different turbo charger setups as well as inlet size, downpipe size.  We have also experimented together with turbine housing combinations as well as compressor cover combos with various turbo lines.  The in depth data and knowledge we have gained has been a real catapult for not only us but ETS as well. 


I have to take a moment and say that the guys at Extreme Turbo System really are some of the most top notch individuals in the entire industry.  They are true racers, enthusiasts, and genuinely quality helpful people.  I am humbled and honored for my company to have the opportunity to work so closely with such a great group.  


That all said they have put together an amazing package with this all new Pro1700 Kit!  The power output on this car was absolutely mind blowing!  Spools like a 35R car and makes power like a 3794 turbo.  Driving this car on the street was absolutely unparalleled for the power.   Spool and consistent pull through the power band honestly felt like an ELITE car with 400 more HP.   In my opinion this is the PERFECT turbo kit setup for someone looking to make 1600-1700hp, with very very drivable and quick response. 


The dynograph below tells the tail.  This was done on our 4.1 stroker engine with our Level2 head package.  Controlled by a Motec M1 ECU and driven by a Shep Stage4 transmission.   The car was unfortunately on a pretty tight deadline with the owner so at this time we have very little real world data such as 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile times, however rest assured that won’t be the case for long.  When compared to the other cars on our dyno making the same power I am confident the Pro1700 kit will easily see 7 second passes as well as 210+ in the 1/2 mile. 


I will say feel free to ask any questions that you may have but I am not at liberty to disclose the exact turbo combination used on this Pro1700 kit.  That is for ETS to disclose if they feel so inclined.


Also as a little shameless plug this build is something we stock most of the parts to complete, and it carries the same exact FULL YEAR warranty as our TSM ELITE builds do!  That warranty is backed by both us and ETS combined!  1700hp with confidence!  


If you are interested in a kit to ship to your shop of choice you can give us a call as we offer preferred pricing, or feel free to contact ETS directly if you feel so inclined.   Ship time from order date ranges from 3-4 weeks. 



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