Steve's Dream ... His TSM ELITE Plus

Steve has been in the car world for a very long time.  His GT-R is certainly one of his dream cars that through a bunch of hard work he has made a reality.   He has also had experiences with other builders and tuners that in the end left him far from his expectations so it was time for a change.   That said the car did come in with lots of nice parts already installed and usable it was just the heart and soul of the beast that needed attention.  
We decided to go with our Level 2 factory displacement engine that is rated to 1000tq combined with our Level 2 racing heads.  This combination gives the customer a save 9000rpm rev limiter with all the components to withstand the beating.  We use all GSC valvetrain and had parts to flow the air through the engine.  Their valves, guides, springs, and billet cams are all a part of our Level 2 package.   As for the engine we have a custom piston forging form CP and an upgraded pin that is capable of holding far beyond what we use it for.  We like overbuilding things a bit here to make them last. 
Our ELITE Plus builds have for sure become a force to be reckoned with.  We have spent countless hours perfecting this setup and I’m sure have even more to get out of it, however at this point it really works well.   We have played with lots of air flow options like inlets and exhaust as well as different cam profiles to really dial in the utilization of the factory area radius on the turbofold.
The engine bay on Steve’s car is one of the prettier ELITES we  have done.  He decided to go with the AMS Alpha Carbon intake manifold which is simply a site to be seen!  We accented that by doing some translucent red powder coating on the valve covers to match the anodized red center of the carbon manifold.  While the engine bay colors are somewhat subtle we really liked the way they turned out.
The transmission was built already but needed some ShepTrans love!  The torque of the ELITE Plus turbo system was sure to push the trans past what it was intended for so we pulled her out and sent her to John for his special touch.  We opted for the ShepTrans ONE-K with their new drag pack since we are going to lean on this car not only in the 1/2 mile but also in the 1/4 as well. 
Steve and his car are for sure one of our favorites here, the car was debuted at the WannaGoFAST half mile event in Ocala, FL the beginning of this year where it completed 7 passes OVER 200mph without a hiccup!  The fastest being a 203.2 in the standing half!   Watch for this car coming up in the next few weeks at the 2017 TX2K event competing in the stock frame GT-R class! 

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