Record Setting Alpha 16 GT-R

A Turbo System Proven By World Record Setting Results!

The Alpha Series Turbo System has powered us to every record for the Nissan GT-R platform.  From quarter mile to standing mile to top speed, it has been behind every World Record we have broken and still hold today including Alpha Omega's latest accomplishment of being the first 7 second R35 GT-R.

We developed The Alpha 16 on our test bed Alpha Omega to break records and it did just that. When the leading R35 transmission builder John Shepherd of was looking for something bigger than his Alpha 12 Turbo System he knew who to call. Once equipped with the new Alpha 16 Turbo Package John and his FULL WEIGHT GT-R was able to lay down an 8.28@173mph on his first trip back to the track! This car also logged an unbelievable 2.91 second 60-130mph time and a 1.78 second 0-60! The results don't lie, the Alpha 16 yields the best performance available for your GT-R.

A Fine Tuned Design Leaves The Competition In The Dust

By applying the latest in billet wheel and V-band turbo technology we set the bar high. Billet compressor wheels are not only lighter, which helps quicken your turbo spool time, they also have superior aerodynamic profiles that compress more air efficiently: less heat = more power. 

Picking a huge turbo to make maximum peak power is typically how turbo kits are "designed". Our engineers however maximized every aspect of this kit making a system that puts the most power under the curve widening the powerband as much as possible. From smoother compressor outlets to properly sized compressor covers and intakes to the latest turbo technology this kit will keep you ahead of the competition!

The Strongest, Most Advanced Design On The Market 

By applying cast stainless steel construction, we eliminated the restrictive design geometry and the possibility of cracking found with hand-fabricated headers. Hand fabricated, equal length tubular manifolds perform well but are prone to cracking because they have many joints that can easily become points of failure. These manifolds are typically found on purpose-built race cars where consistent disassembly and inspection are the norm.

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