Mike's TSM ELITE Plus Build | Delivered to WGF NC

Mike has been a customer of ours for several years. He started the process with his car as part of the TSM family with aspirations of building one day. Because of that we set him up to win out of the gate. During the FBO process we choose a race intercooler vs. the standard sized unit knowing that down the road it would be needed. We also set him up with bigger injectors and 4” Boost Logic exhaust with the logic that we wouldn't have to change it down the road. There is for sure something to be said for proper “consolation” when it comes to going down the path of building your car, we try our best to minimize anything happening twice if possible or double buying parts.

So a couple months ago Mike called and said he was ready for more power. With all of the results from the ELITE Plus systems they were his obvious choice. Goals were, a car that would do 200mph in the half, 8s in the quarter and he could still put his significant other in and take her to dinner…. yet of course.... overall... RELIABILITY!

That all just so happens to fit our in house ELITE Build as we guarantee 200mph half, 8 second quarter and offer a full one year warranty on the build no questions asked if we do it from scratch.

The car was to be completed and compete in the North Carolina WannaGoFAST event a couple weeks ago. Mike only lives 35 minutes from where the event was held so it worked out perfectly for us to just throw it in the trailer and haul it up to him.

Cliff notes: The car made a worst pass of 197mph (first) and then ran 8 or 9 Two Hundred Plus passes… the fastest being 203mph!

I have to say a big thank you to Mike as he was simply a joy to deal with during the whole process. Each one of our customers grafts themselves into our team in their own way, which is really fun to be a part of. Usually there is a special bond made between the technician who actually built the car as well as of course Taylor and the rest of the staff. This was no exception! Mike joined us for dinner and drinks both nights he was there and got to ask all the questions he had about the build, maintenance, dos and don’ts with the car etc. It was great!

We look forward to many more events with Mike and his sleeper!




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