Javid's TopSpeed Built Pro1700 *THE STORY*

If I’m being frank I will have to say that I have somewhat avoided writing this thread due to simply not wanting to induce any drama that may be associated with it. However at the end of the day I realized that the client not only paid a great deal of money to finally have a product he can enjoy but he is also EXTREMELY proud of it as am I!  

So the consensus is … screw it! 

This beautiful car came to us all the way from California. The owner Javid has been an industry acquaintance for several years. We always enjoyed running into him at events as he is, without a doubt one of the nicest, most enthusiastic people in the GT-R game. The passion and drive to have a car that performed and went fast was evident from the start, which I greatly appreciated.  

When I was approached with the opportunity to add him as part of the TSM Family I was overjoyed! Our number one mission here at TopSpeed is simply focused on making sure the performance enthusiasts that choose our shop ENJOY their cars! From the very beginning I have kept that the forefront of my staff’s priorities, as well as my own, and we will always continue that thought process.

The car came to us in need of a new engine.  We consulted with Javid, as we do every with customer, to determine what the goals for the car were.  He wanted a wonderfully driving car that he could put his young children in for a Sunday cruise, but also something that would go 200+ in the half. There were conversations about downgrading the car to an ELITE Plus build, but at the end of the day he wanted more. With a goal set to go over 210mph in the half, the plan was settled. 

We set out to put one of our Race 4.1 long blocks in the car coupled with an ETS Pro1700 turbo kit. The cars need for block and heads really made this decision a lot easier. The process on our Race strokers is really a special one! I’m very proud of the R&D that we have put into these 2000hp rated cast blocks, and Javid knew it was the pick for him. With our Race long block we utilize our Level 3 heads.  These heads are hand ported with reverse molded port matching tools as well as port matched perfectly using a flow bench. We use beryllium custom offset seats, as well as upgraded valves and springs of course.  

The ETS Pro1700 kit is by far the best turbo kit we have had the privilege of utilizing for power ranging between 1500 and 1700hp. The kit comes with bigger downpipes and intakes to increase airflow, as well as some other little tricks that we will never tell. ;)  It comes pre-assembled from ETS so install is pretty straight forward. The kit easily makes 1700hp or so and honestly spools so quickly on one of our strokers that it leaves nothing to desire on the street. Javid can confirm that as he has been driving the car in Cali for several months now.  

During the process of rebuild we found the car lacking in the fuel delivery as it only had the AMS Brushless pumps. We upgraded that system to the Fore Triple that we use in nearly all of our higher HP builds. With the addition of some 1700cc injectors from Injector Dynamics, the fuel system was pretty much set.  

The goal was to finish the build for the FL Half Mile race put on by WannaGoFAST in Ocala. It was a bit of a push given the extensive amount of work that needed to be done. To be honest I’m not a really big fan of pushing to get to an event anymore. We have seen mistakes happen and corners get cut when trying to make a deadline that might be a bit unrealistic from the start. However given the customer and his experience I wanted to deliver! Well we hit the goal, but we didn’t hit it very well LOL! While the car was in FL it did not perform. After the first pass the were some very evident issues that we honestly did not foresee happening. At that point it was simply not worth it so risk a trackside fix and push the car without going over it with an absolute fine tooth comb. So unfortunately our first outing with the car was nothing like we had hoped.  

Thankfully it was only a little over a week from when we got back to TopSpeed that WannaGoFAST had another event in Dallas, TX! Plenty of time to do the clean sweep and updates needed to get the car ready to leave for that event about a week later. We were determined to make sure the car performed before the half mile season ended, and we were already title sponsoring that event so it made perfect sense to give her another go there.  

The trip out to the Dallas half mile was so much fun! If any of you guys are considering attending that event this year DO IT! The track is absolutely awesome just as is the area it’s in. Being set right in downtown Dallas made for some great night life to enjoy with other competitors and WGF staff. The track, let me tell you, that is the best hooking half mile track I have been at yet. We kept laying in power in 3rd using a 20” R888 and the thing just kept taking it! Highly recommended for people who want to enjoy a great event. 

Saturday was the only day we got to run the car given weather that moved in on Sunday, however Saturday was all we needed. We started off easy just testing the car and track. Easing into things at low 30s PSI the car ran 191mph first pass out. Given the power setting I knew we were at I was quite pleased. Taylor and I reviewed the data for torque management as well as wheel spin and came up with a plan for pass number two.   The goal on run number 2 was to break the 200mph barrier, which we knew wasn’t going to take much.  A little pinch of boost and some small changes down low were all we made and the result on run number 2 was 202mph!  

Lunch Time! 

Ok with a burger in the belly we went back to work! The car was happy! Really happy! Not even working really to run the 202mph pass, which was the fastest she had ever run already, so the day was already a win!  I wasn’t satisfied in the least yet. We were going to throw just another little sprinkle at it but I decided it was time to make some big boy passes. Turning the boost up to the low 40s we both knew it would be much closer to the “happy place”. We didn’t however know it would pick up 11mph over the previous run! That’s right, the car ran an effortless 213mph absolutely drama free. I was surprised to see the slip. I assumed the car would go 208-209, but the pleasant surprise was more than welcome.

Ok…. so the goal had been met! 210+ was what the customer wanted and we surpassed that with ease. It was time to pack it in… right? I mean keep in mind I warranty this build with the full backing of TopSpeed Motorsports. The goal was met, the customer was ecstatic! Why try for more? If anything happens I’m reaching in my pocket to fix it….. All very good questions, but I didn’t care! I knew there was more and I wanted it! 215 would make Javid freak the heck out, and I wanted that for him! He deserved it after all he had been through. The data looked as picture perfect as possible so lets lean on it! 

Without getting stupid me and Taylor put together something we were pretty sure would crack the 215mph number on the next pass. We weren’t greedy, there was more left on top of that but we didn’t feel it was needed to do what I wanted. So we lined her back up after some very specific calibration and detailed changes to maximize not only the power, but the progression of power throughout the pull.

I drove the car, and if I’m being honest it was one of the most drama free, put together passes I have ever driven. The car laid power to the ground more efficiently than any car I have ever driven! It was smooth, power delivery was spot on, it felt fast but slow at the same time… 

When I crossed the line I wasn’t honestly sure how much faster it went. The car felt so smooth that I thought it was possible it didn’t go any faster at all. Driving around to the timing booth I checked all the gauges… all was in order with zero issues. The timing gentleman holding the slip looked at me for a minute.. half stuck his head in the car and said “Holy shit, this thing looks damn near stock… that’s amazing”. He handed me the slip which read 219.8MPH!!! 

I was so stinking happy I could barely contain myself.  To be able to deliver RESULTS to this customer was very important to me.  The car exceeded all expectations. Full exhaust, full weight, all factory interior, 20” tire, just like he drives the car all the time. It shattered all of our expectations going 219mph. I will say the car exceeded all we could have hoped for. Javid was jumping up and down about the 213 pass, but the 219mph run had him speechless!   

Javid has now been enjoying the car back in California for a few months and is loving it. He takes his boys out for weekend drives as often as possible in a completely drivable, comfortable 219mph capable car. He has been a wonderful addition to the TSM family bringing joy and support to every event he attends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jav for trusting us to restore your faith in this amazing automobile you have! My team and myself could not be anymore honored!

Enjoy it in good health!!!


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