Highest HP ELITE Plus YET!!! 1295whp on E85

This is the highest HP ELITE Plus we have seen to date!  This local customer brought his car back for a full ELITE Plus build after starting with us with his full bolt ons.  We knew he was going to end up doing a 1000hp build so we set the car up with the needed parts as to not change things later. 

What is really remarkable about this build is the amount of average power that the ELITE Plus turbos make with the combination of our Level 1 head package and 3.8 Street Engine.  If you study the dyno graph you will see what I'm talking about.   The setup cracks 1200hp just past 6000rpm and holds over 1270 all the way to redline!   You would have to drive lots of different setups to really understand the difference between how fast a car like this truly is ... even vs. a higher HP car that doesn't make the power in the right places.   Not only that, but as you can see the spool is remarkable, making over 500tq around 3500rpm.  

This is an E85 run, tuned with Cobb.  Our standard 3.8 engine with our Street heads.   We didn't make a glory pass... I would run this car like this all day every day!   It was also through a full exhaust with no cut-out or modification and done in AWD.  I may have to put some cutouts on the y-pipe just so he could make a consistant 1300 :) lol

I will also include the 93 graph that made 950whp which is awesome!  The Cobb flex fueling using the Cobb Accessport makes it seamless to switch fuel and drivability is amazing!  We use the ECUTEK RaceRom software in order to automatically shift the car at 8600rpm whether it is in manual or auto.  


The components used are listed below.  These builds are something we have worked very hard to make as seamless and reliable as possible.  We offer warranties as well as full time support on all of our ELITE and ELITE Plus builds. 


-TSM 3.8 VR38 Engine
 -TSM Products Level 1 Cylinder Head
-GSC S2 Billet Cams
-TSM Products ELITE Plus Turbo System
-ID1700 Injectors Nissan GT-R

TSM ELITE Plus Dyno Graph E85TSM ELITE Plus 93 Pump Dyno GraphTSM ELITE Plus TSM ELITE Plus Dyno Photo

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