Bforged's 2015 GTR ELITE Turbo

Build at Top Speed Motorsports tuned by Taylor

The time has finally come! I am finally beginning the build on my 2015 pearl white premium edition GTR.  After many late nights of doing research, lengthy phone and text conversations, drag strip discussions and several months of collecting the bests parts I was ready to pull the trigger and get the car shipped off to Cicio and the TSM crew. The car left for sunny Ga from Chicago IL on 12-4-15.  I will be making weekly updates to this thread in order to share the progress and experience of the build for all to see. So far Cicio has been excellent to deal with!   We are shooting for a completion date of 2-1-15 and I plan on making an appearance at TX2k 2016. The "GOAL" of this build is to maintain a stock like spool street driven car while achieving  1000whp  and a 8.999 time slip reliably on E85.  

The car went to TSM with the following mods and ran a best 1/4 mile at 10.821 and 129mph.

  • AMS catless Downpipes
  • 4" ETS stainless exhaust FULL SYSTEM
  • Got boost 3" intakes
  • Cobb v3 with TCM
  • ID1000 with PNP harness
  • DW65 drop in pumps
  • 20" Bforged 530 sl wheels 20x10 & 20x12 with a 285/335 MPSS tire combo
  • Rexspeed CF side skirts

The car will be receiving the following mods/work while at TSM

  • TSM 3.8 short block with TSM spec  Diamond pistons and Callies I-beam rods
  • Full cnc ported heads with springs valves and cam package
  • Shep Onek trans with upgraded billet drop gears and AMS alpha trans pan
  • TSM ELITE turbo set (oem manifold design)
  • boostlogic turbo inlet pipes
  • DSS pro rear axle set
  • T1r trans/diff brace set
  • AMS race FMIC
  • Tial BOV's
  • Boost logic SD kit
  • Got Boost IC piping kit
  • got boost fuel safety switch
  • ID 1700's
  • Visconti v2 flex Fuel kit
  • TSM dual fuel pump setup

Here are a few pics of the car as it sits now...  I'm sure I will change a few things around in the build process or add something here and there. The goal of 1000hp reliably however will not!  Stay tuned...

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