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March 09, 2018 3 min read


Another week another build!  

The beautiful car came to us from Kentucky. It previously had already been to Atlanta for a build but was brought to us with a hurt engine for diagnosis. It was already an Alpha9 with some very good supporting mods so we can’t take credit for the entire build. The trans had also just recently come back form Shep as that had previously failed from the previous build as well. Needless to say the goal was already set for me… turn this GT-R enthusiast into a believer in the industry again and deliver him an absolute badass reliable automobile!

With that in mind we went to work taking the engine apart. Thankfully he caught the damage before it got too bad! While the major oiling components such as the oil pump, oil cooler, and timing equipment needed to be replaced it did not hurt the block, heads, crank, cams or any other major components. That was a relief to us both for sure. Instead of just rebuilding the same setup he already had, Mike decided that he would rather have one of our tried and true 3.8 Street engines. Fortunately we were able to use his block as a core and rebuilt it up from there.  

With a strong new engine under him, Mike of course wanted more power like the rest of us. He opted to go with the TSM ELITE turbos since roughly 1050whp  was his ultimate goal. Mike already had a twin pump setup as well as the other fuel system components needed excluding injectors. Both the fuel system wiring and the fuel pumps were incorrectly installed,  but we got all that ironed out pretty quickly.

In order to save the customer some money we reused the parts in the heads. We were able to re-do the valve job and update the heads to our head gasket spec without replacing all of the difficult parts. Which worked out great as it saved him a decent amount of money. So his cams, springs, retainers, and valves went back in the heads after a dab of our TSM secret sauce  :)

Again thankfully we were able to reuse his block and crank. We balanced the assembly with our in house designed CP pistons and upgraded Carrillo rods. All of our oiling modifications were done and then final assembly.  

The car hit the dyno and unfortunately a few more gremlins from the last build came out to play LOL! We were able to diagnose and fix them, but it took a couple times on and off the dyno in order to do so. Once it was good though it was GOOD! The ELITE turbos did exactly what they should have done and made great power with amazing spool! It laid down an impressive 900whp on pump 93 and 1079whp on E85.  

The customer has now had the car back for a little over a week and is loving it! I have gotten texts and emails about how amazing the car is to drive now. Mission accomplished!!!

I want to say thank you to Mike for allowing us to work on your beautiful car and trusting us to be the shop to restore your faith in it. I’m glad you decided not to sell!!! Enjoy it in good health sir!


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