Another Legendary TSM 4.4 Stroker Alpha16 GT-R!!! With a Twist!!!

We are very excited about this 4.4 beast we just finished.  This Nissan GT-R came to us all the way from California.  The customer researched very intensely to find the shop in the US he wanted to do business with and chose us. 

The build came together very nicely.   We fitted the awesome AMS Performance Alpha16 turbo kit with our TSM Stroker 4.4 Engine.  Strapped to the block we added are fully ported Level 3 ported heads.  Our heads include a full port job combined with oversized GSC valves, Springs with Titanium retainers as well as their amazing billet S3 cams.  

Our stroker engines have been tested over and over again through the years and perfected constantly.  We are very proud of their accomplishments and certainly aim to best all of them.   We added some supporting mods to make sure we wouldn't be limited on power.  The ETS high flowing 4" exhaust system was a must as well as their race intercooler kit.   Fore Innovations helps with the fuel delivery as we utilize their triple pump hanger and fuel rails for the R35 GT-R.  

The whole package is a little too much to be controlled by the factory Nissan ECU.  If people knew the actual difference at this power level of the factory control vs. something like a Motec they would be shocked!   Therefore we decided to install the Motec M1 ECM with 12 injector support.  The newest Motec software for the R35 package is absolutely amazing.  It includes not only closed loop motorsports style traction control but also things like rolling antilag, launch control and even Flex Fuel for those weekend warriors.  

This setup is an awesome combination that produced over 1600 all wheel horsepower.  The usability of this power the street is really what separates if from the boys if you will.   Tons of under the curve torque as well as usable flat top end power. 

Check out the dynograph of this 4.4 TSM Stroker ... combined with the AMS Alpha16 Turbo kit.   Throw in there a Shep Trans stage5 and some ETS goodies (extreme turbo systems) and you have yourself a winning combination.  

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