ALL NEW ETS Pro1400 (Build Details Inside)

This build came to us all the way from Canada!  


We were very honored to have him choose TSM out of all the shops in the US!  The goal was to have a no corners cut 1300 “ish” whp car utilizing and ETS turbo kit.   He was very impressed with the things ETS have been doing in the industry and wanted to fly their flag in support which we condoned without hesitation.   

With the goal being a 100% nothing spared build with possible room for growth we decided on doing the RACE version of our 3.8 engine.  This includes a highly modified oiling system as well as billet pistons, HD rods and a billet crank.  We rate that engine to 1600hp so he has plenty of built in buffer for reliability as well as room to grow. 

For the head package our TSM Level 1 heads are more than enough for the task.  With all the work necessary behind the valves there is really no need for big porting on a build of this size… it makes no difference.   That is what separates our Level 1 / 2 heads is simply intake and exhaust runner porting.  The Level 1 is a full behind the valve smoothing and porting as well as valve job, GSC Intake & Exhaust valves, GSC Valve Guides, GSC Springs with Titanium retainers, and GSC Billet Cams all assembled with love :) 

It was then time for some bling!  We called up AMS and ordered one of their beautiful carbon intake manifolds … we decided to keep the intake manifold subtle in black since we already had in mind that the accent color was going to be pretty wild.  The customer strongly suggested that we use some type of “tiffany” teal as the color on both the brakes and accents in the engine bay.  As you can see from the pictures below we feel it came out stunning.  We did the TSM coolant tank as well as valve covers both in a beautiful green color to match the brake calipers that we also coated for him.  I must say this ended up being one of my more favorite engine bays we have done. 

The new ETS Pro1400 kit was chosen for spool/response on the 3.8 as well as it’s awesome top end power band.  What ETS has been able to do with such a small turbo is just incredible.  The response on this car is awesome on the street and it just keeps on pulling.  Making well over 1000whp on pump gas without even pushing it then cracking a whopping 1400hp on E85!

As I write this the car is already back in the hands of the customer in Canada.  The entire build start to finish took 30 days from stock car to 1400hp and headed home.  

If you are ready for more power give us a call!  We love helping with build consulting as well as start to finish builds here in house… whatever we can do to help we are more than happy to! 

Thanks for taking the time to read! 

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