Alex's TSM 4.4 Alpha16 Drag Car......yes that's a girl

Alex & her husband Coy have become dear friends and certainly amazing customers. Their passion for the GT-R and drag racing is among the most enthusiastic I have ever had the privilege to run across.  

Coy and his wife Alex both now have GT-Rs that they race in almost every competitive GT-R race across the country... and even some old school 1/8 mile grudge racing in their local area.   

One of the most impressive things about this build has been the longevity of it's racing career so far.  The car was built over 2 years ago with our 4.4 stroker engine.   As I have said in other posts our 4.4 VR38 I would like to think is one of the more robust options for an upgraded GT-R engines.   We fought through R&D with our personal race car to endure the customer was getting the best there was.  The engine makes transient boost response and spool much much more enjoyable on the street when coupled with a turbo kit such as the Alpha16 by AMS!   Back to the car... Alex has dragged race this car tirelessly over the last couple years... pass after pass in the 8s consistently!  The engine has literally never missed a beat!  We have done nothing to it but change the oil and spark plugs.   If you can't tell we are super proud to provide a great customer like Alex and Coy this type of longevity and enjoyment of there 1500+ HP GT-R!  

Our engines are built with only the best engine internals available in our opinion.  We use CP pistons and Callies Performance rods.  Both products were built to our spec and work great.  This build also has a Bryant billet stroker crank in it as well as lots of little odds and ends we change as we found the limits of some of the factory components. 

The AMS Alpha16 turbo kit utilizes their cast manifolds coupled with a pair of Forced Performance 3794 turbos.  3" intakes and downpipes provide the air flow and a pair of open dump Tial WG actuators.  The kit is capable of producing over 1700whp and has seen speeds of 7.8 seconds in the 1/4 mile.   It is an awesome combination to one of our stroker engines for sure.  

As for the heads we have our own proprietary port design that we have developed over countless engines.  We use most all GSC Power valve train parts as well as cams.  GSC makes an amazing product that has worked for us for years over several different platforms.  They are all made in the US and their new billet cam program is second to none.  So the head was fitted with GSC valve guides, GSC Valves, GSC Springs with included titanium retainers all running under a set of GSC S3 cams.  

As for the other parts of course there is a Stage5 ShepTrans in the car as well as DSS Axles.  Boost Logic Intake manifold, Injector Dynamics injectors, Fore Innovations fuel system with rails and lots of other odds and ends of course.  


If you are ever out at an event and see this car around please please come say hi.  Alex and Coy are so very friendly and LOVE talking to car people no matter what kind of car you have.   2017s goal is to put this car in the 7s with Alex driving it!  For sure will be the first 7 second female driven GT-R if that happens.   Wish us luck!  :) 


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