2018 GT-R World Cup Results!


This event was filled with so much awesome it is really hard to know where to even start.

I’ll start and end the review with the event itself.  The GT-R World Cup has certainly brought a different vibe to our racing world.  The combination of luxury with the hotel, trackside food and royalty like attitude from the staff to the participants is very refreshing.  They certainly go above and beyond to make all of us feel welcome and roll out as much red carpet as you possibly could at a race track.  The event doubled in size this year so the competition was a bit different.  Last year I would say it was a slightly more tight knit field of friends while this year there was a lot more competitors signed up.  Still a very good vibe in the pits and overall still the most unique interaction among competitors that I have seen.  

As for the TSM camp, per usual we had a decent spread of customers and cars attending and being supported.  3 stock location cars, 7 ELITE Plus cars and 1 stock turbo car… all in all totaling 11 TSM trackside supported GT-Rs.  Sometimes at the beginning of an event I think there is a chance I have overloaded my staff but every single time they rise to the occasion and absolutely kill it!

I won’t write a novel by going into every car we had there, and all their times.  I will say however that out of the 11 cars we had there supported that 9 of them ran personal bests and were very consistent.  The ELITE Plus cars did what they do, over and over and over again!  Over 60 ELITE Passes just out of my camp alone and every single one of them in the 8s.  Most of them low 8 second passes.  Full weight, daily driven ELITE Plus cars ran anywhere from 8.2 to 8.4 all ranging from 166-170mph.  The consistency of these builds is incredible as is the street manners!  It’s a 100% warrantied, guaranteed 8 second car.  It’s also class legal, which is nice for the people that actually want to go complete at events.

We also brought a couple customers to the stock location class.  Brian and Alex both competed in this class.  Brian’s car was on a roll man!  We were ecstatic with the results running a best of 7.64@184!!!  That car is also completely full weight.  Both seats, full stereo, interior, AC … he drives the thing to dinner with his wife on a very regular basis!  Brian ran a hand full of 7.7 passes but much to our dismay he broke the factory drive plate that bolts to the flywheel and cracked his bell housing in the first round.  Unfortunately it wasn’t something we could fix fast enough to get him back on track so we had to retire.  However Brian was still on cloud 9 given the consistency of the car and the amount of passes he was able to make without any major failure.  Super easy fix for Texas!  

It was the first time at the track for Alex’s Pro2100 and the first time with her in the car.  Alex and the car both did an amazing job, but to put it simply we needed more test time.  The car ran flawlessly the entire event which we were very happy about.  The bigger turbo cars take a few tricks when it comes to drag racing which Taylor and I quickly learned,  however with 11 other customer cars needing attention every pass it was hard to sit and dissect exactly what the car wanted.  In hindsight the car needed a full dedicated private day of testing to get dialed in; however we didn’t have that luxury so we worked with what we had.  Next time out the car will be on kill and aiming for sub 7.50s!!!

All in all I consider the event a massive success!  The customers all had a blast, my employees left feeling honored and accomplished, and no customer had any major mechanical issues whatsoever!  Which is saying something when you bring 1/3rd of the field to an event!   

At the awards ceremony our team also received what I would say was the biggest compliment you could give my staff!  The GT-R World Cup staff presented us with the “Most Dedicated” of the event trophy!!!  I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a little!  

Huge thanks to the GT-R World Cup Staff! I’d also like to thank my amazing team, I’m so humbled to work with these guys! Of course another big thank you goes out to all of the customers that make going to events even possible!  THANK YOU!!!

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