2016 TSM ELITE Stock Engine & Trans Local Atlanta Build

We just finished up one bad ass street car.  This customer brought us his brand new bone stock 16 wanting 800hp with completely stock like drivability.  He previously had a GT-R that he modded but simply wasn’t happy with the results and ended up getting out of the GT-R game for a few years.   When this deal came up on this 2016 he gave me a call.   Having heard things around town about the ELITE systems he wanted to know if I could build him a dead nuts reliable 800whp street car to enjoy.   He made it very clear that he not only drives this car to work, but also hauls his kids to soccer practice, takes clients out for dinner and needed it to behave with zero issues.  


I informed him that our stock engine ELITE package not only drives 100% like stock but we warranty the parts we install AND the stock engine for 3 years!  We did a little back and forth consulting on whether he wanted to spend a little extra money to be set up to possibly upgrade in the future.  I try very hard to make sure I’m setting our customers up to win down the line.  I hate someone coming to me having to do things twice.  I get calls and emails every single day of people who did xyz and now regret it because they either have to repurchase all their mods to support the end goals or start from scratch… nothing bugs me more than enthusiasts having to spend money they should not have to spend to enjoy their cars.  Do it once properly and with a precise plan is my modo! 


So with the path set and future goals considers we jumped in.  Being a local customer he had the advantage of scheduling and then dropping the car off when we were ready to drop the engine.  A week or so after drop off the car was on the dyno making jams!  The ELITE makes such a flat torque curve that it translate beautifully into a linear HP curve keeping the stock components very happy without giving up tons of spool.   As you can see from the dyno graphs below the combination is incredible on the street. 


The customer has had the car back for a few weeks now and is loving it.  He isn’t on the forums but I’ll quote a little FB post he made about the car.  From the sounds of it he is overjoyed! 


"Most of you know my slight fetish with cars, haha. I need to thank a few people for my latest creation. I've been fortunate enough to own some fast cars.. Well this one is ridiculous. I previously had a '12 GT-R that was near and dear to my heart. After a few "exotic" purchases that bored me to death, I went back and picked up a left over new '16 and immediately voided the warranty (who needs them anyway).  Cicio at Topspeed basically did everything that he could to the car, including their Elite turbo system, without building the motor. The car pulls like nothing else that I've had and for the most part, the car hooks up and plants the power which is amazing since I'm running full boost and E-85 basically all the time, basically 800+ at the wheels. I've had the car for about a month and drive it to work, baseball, whatever. A big thanks to Cicio and my buddy Derek Johnson @ Atlanta Protective Films for covering the car with film."






-TSM ELITE Turbo System

-TSM Street Intercooler

-TSM Intercooler Piping Kit

-TSM Intakes

-Twin Walbro Fuel Pump Package

-Injector Dynamics ID1300s

-GotBoost Flex Fuel

-ETS Downpipes

-TSM Y-Pipe

-HKS Exhaust


-Cobb Accessport

-TSM Tuned






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