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TSM Diamond Claw Surface Lock - Official Product Release!

It’s with great pleasure that I would like to introduce you a small yet powerful addition to your GT-R build. While this little part is small and inexpensive it most certainly doesn’t mean it’s not very powerful. We believe it is going...

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TSM ELITE Gateway Bolt On Turbo Upgrade! - Official Product Release

Introducing the latest and greatest stock manifold turbo offering from TSM!   TSM is proud to bring to you a new product that we believe fills a large hole in the turbo systems we offer. For years we have been building the...

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TSM | Billet Intake Manifold Official Product Release!

I am beyond proud to introduce to the entire industry our all new TSM R35 Billet intake manifold!!! I feel there are a lot of products on the market for these cars that have been produced simply because they would sell. Maybe...

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TSM Sets TWO New World Records at Indy Airstrip Attack! - Recap

What a weekend hanging out in Indiana with the Shift Sector team! This is the second SS event we sponsored and raced at and it certainly didn't disappoint. While we only brought 5 cars to this particular event it was certainly not...

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Local TSM Stock Engine ELITE Build!

We just finished up another badass daily driven car that I wanted to share with you guys. This customer brought us his beautiful 2017 wanting 800hp while retaining completely stock like drivability. Having been heard about the ELITE systems he wanted to...

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TSM Built 4.1 Stroker ETS Pro1400 - Build Thread

This GT-R really was quite the “low” power build. It’s always fun when you get a call from a super smart guy that has built and tuned his own cars for years, requesting you to take on his own R35 project start...

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