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TSM Built 4.1 Stroker ETS Pro1400 - Build Thread

This GT-R really was quite the “low” power build. It’s always fun when you get a call from a super smart guy that has built and tuned his own cars for years, requesting you to take on his own R35 project start...

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201.97mph Porsche 991! - TSM Takes the 991 World Record!

This weekend was the weekend dreams came true for our Porsche program here at TopSpeed Motorsports (TSM). As many of you know based on my other threads we have been progressing very strongly in 991 Turbo development. My team has been dedicated...

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Tommy's TSM Built 35R Powered GT-R - Build Thread

This is one of those builds that for sure has a happy ending, but unfortunately for the customer it wasn’t the easiest road traveled to get there. Tommy purchased the car already built from another shop and at the time seemed to...

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David's TopSpeed Built ELITE Powered GT-R - Build Thread

This addition to the TSM family of builds was, as usual a joy! Our new customer, David, is such an awesome supporter. With each new build we gain not only customers but what becomes family here at TopSpeed. David for sure was...

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Our Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Premier - Recap

  Better late than never getting you guys up to date on our trip all the way out to Pikes Peak in Colorado last weekend to hang out with the Shift Sector guys. As you guys know we do pretty much all...

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Developing the Fastest 991 Turbo in the Country - Build Thread

We decided to start by trying to be the fastest 991 in the US. That quest for the US half mile record started late last year. We knew the car needed to make around 1100hp requiring a fully built engine, upgraded fuel system, turbos, and a billet intake manifold to name a few...
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